What is Bowspring?

what is bowspring?

What is Bowspring? Bowspring is a system that aims to rebuild and maintain the body’s balanced strength and mobility.

I think you could say, that Bowspring holds the idea that it is more our connective tissue and muscles that should carry the bones, than it is the bones that should carry our muscles and connective tissues.

This balance is challenged by the modern lifestyle that most of us are characterized by. For example, when we sit down for many hours a day and study or work. But also when we have to mentally meet the expectations and pace of our surroundings, without losing ourselves.

Through series of pustures and gentle pulsations, bowspring works, with peace at mind, to activate the body from head to toe. This can enable a more effortless posture for motion that is at the same time strong, agile, grounded and uplifted. As well as creating a bodily “home” for the mind.

You can read more about Bowspring here.

Meeting Bowspring

If you are dedicated to another branch of yoga, like I have been myself, then Bowspring may seem strange at first.
I believe it is the best, when we choose our branches in yoga ourself, as well as in life in general. Therefore, it is important for me to emphasize, that I have great respect for those who choose the classic yoga.

That said, I also feel like sharing the good experiences I have had so far with Bowspring myself, and some of what I hear from the participants on my teachings.

My personal experience

I have recently worked, alongside my yoga teacher work, within my previous full time profession as a landscape gardener. Among other things, I have been hired to lay concrete tiles and build support walls of concrete blocks. During this work, I have manually lugged many more kilos than I have previously done. As I have previously tended to get lower back pain from such work, I was a little worried.

For my partial astonishment, the work has not led to any back pain at any time, however, some muscle fatigue but this has been distributed throughout the body. I am absolutely convinced that Bowspring has been crucial for not having “broken my back” at this work.

After having started practicing and teaching Bowspring, I feel both significantly stronger and more mobile than I have done at any point previously in my life.

Participants feedback

I have received many happy feedback on how Bowspring helps people alleviate pain in different parts of the body. Some have mentioned that they have been able to taper or even stop using painkillers (this is not scientifically documented though). Some experience more energy and others sleep better at night.

So “What is bowspring?” Try it, and find out what bowspring is for you.

Read participants testimonials, or read about my background.

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