What is Bowspring?

Picture of Thor Lentz posing in a bowspring pose at the beach.

What is Bowspring?

Bowspring is an innovative approach to yoga that focuses on optimizing body posture and movement patterns in everyday activities like sitting, walking, and running. We move slowly, strongly, and softly pulsating, supported by a calm breath. Small details are instructed along the way, which may seem unfamiliar at first but will make sense over time and help to focus attention in the body.

What is the difference?

Compared to other yoga styles, Bowspring moves away from the idea of long straight lines in the body as optimal. Instead, we activate, strengthen, and elongate the body’s natural curves. This provides a free, springy, and strong mobility, as well as healthy alignment and optimal function of muscles, joints, and connective tissues. We maintain activation in the front of the body while strengthening the back of the body in a chain from the soles of the feet, legs, buttocks, back, and neck without losing the length of the curves.


One could say that Bowspring embodies the idea that it is our connective tissues and muscles that should support the bones, rather than the bones supporting our muscles and connective tissues. This balance is challenged by the modern lifestyle most of us experience, such as sitting for many hours studying or working. But also mentally meeting the expectations and pace of our surroundings without losing ourselves.

For whom?

Bowspring is suitable for everyone and can be practiced while lying down, standing, sitting, or moving. In addition to the postural benefits, Bowspring encourages a healthy functioning of the circulatory and nervous systems. It is particularly useful for those experiencing issues in the arches, knees, hips, lower back, neck, shoulders, and wrists.

Meeting Bowspring

If you are dedicated to another form of yoga, as I have been, Bowspring may seem strange at first. I believe that it is best for us to choose our own paths in yoga and in life in general. Therefore, it is important for me to emphasize that I have great respect for those who choose the classical yoga. Having said that, I also feel a desire to share the positive experiences I have had with Bowspring and some of the feedback I have received from my students.

My personal experiences

In recent times, alongside my yoga teaching work, I have been working in my previous profession as a landscaper. I have been hired to lay concrete tiles and build retaining walls with concrete blocks. In this regard, I manually lifted many more kilos than I used to, and as I used to have a tendency to get back pain from this type of work, I was also a bit concerned. To my partial astonishment, the work has not led to back pain at any point, only some muscle fatigue, but this has been distributed throughout my body. I am fully convinced that Bowspring has been crucial in preventing any “broken back” on the job.

I feel significantly stronger and more mobile after starting with Bowspring than I have ever felt in my life before.

Participant feedback

I have received many positive feedbacks on how Bowspring helps people alleviate pain in different parts of the body. Some have mentioned that they have been able to reduce or even completely stop using pain medication (this is not scientifically documented). Some experience more energy, and others sleep better at night.

So “What is Bowspring?” Try it, and find out what Bowspring is for you.

Read participants’ testimonials, or learn about my background. You can also learn much more about Bowspring by clicking the button below.

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