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Rated 5.0 out of 5
June 21, 2023

Jeg har trænet Yoga med Bowspring hos SeierFitness med Thor som instruktør i snart 2 år. Jeg elsker yogaformen som giver smidighed og styrke til kroppen uden at kroppen overbelastes. Thors instruktion er grundig og altid med et smil på læben. Dertil giver Thors sig tid til at komme med personlige anvisninger, hvis der er noget man kan gøre lidt bedre. De varmeste anbefalinger til Thors Yoga med Bowspring herfra.

Tine J.
Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 20, 2023

I, my body, soul and mind, have enjoyed and have had great benefit from the easy but very precis Bowspring positioning and smalll springs with Thor in Sejerfitness training centre in Aarhus C. over the winter months since 2016 ti 2023. He goes around the small class to make sure, we will not dammage ourselves. He is a rather modest person, with many years of researching the basics of a happy soul and a happy heart. He is now learning rock climbing and ballet dancing :-)) He is still young. He emphasises a “Radiant”open heart, open hand and arms holding an imaginary bathing ball for an example or swaying as seaweed on the surface of the ocean +++. Thor is so extremely joyful when he feels and sees our combined happy gratitude and efforts, despite not being perfect in actual more extreme Bowpsring positions, and even in some simple positions. I keep away from the extreme positions for the sake of my pelvis and one knee. I get a thumbs up now at 77 years, because my balance on one foot puts my aligment out of balance. A little support with my elbow on the wall, then all is great again. ME? I started yoga classes back in the 1970ties and changed over to Tai Chi in the 1990ties also with a certificate from Bejing university when staying there for 3 weeks. It was just for cutural fun and respect. I instruct simple Tai Chi and Doing, for Oldies for free in some spare time. My body must still remember what is good and what is not so good and what should be avoided by nearly all Westerns. I am grateful. Thor combines simple Hatha Yoga for us who know the the Warrior positions from Hatha. Thor and Bowspring is far beyond this. Warrior positions are still good for a warm up maybe? However Bowsprings main focus is in connecting and concentrating on all the fascia throught the whole body from little toes to the little fingers, going through the torso, neck and what else the body possesses. All fascia is connected. Fascia is the skin membrane, otherwise everything would fall out and stick to other components of our anatomy. We would be left stranded in the postion of a dead snail with all slim on the outside :-(( Fascia covers every organ, blood vessel. muscle fibre (can be up to 50 muscle fibres in one muscle; and for me the most important, the fascia protective skin around the peripheral nerve channels. If they get over streched, then you are in an extremely painful mode for weeks. I tried this one month ago. After two emtreme Yin Yoga stretches recently, I needed proffessional treatment “tutti sweet”. Younger participants of these 3 minute extreme streches could also so easily be injured and some are, thinking that it is their own fault. I needed to stop cycling, swimming, cleaning my home. My daughter came to help me out. Any other small injuries have never come from Bowspring.

Yin Yoga for me is great understanding of the lung’s capacity and elasticity during breathing. Yang in, Jin out, release. Not insane extreme stretching in positions for 3 minutes. Ask any trained physiotheapist if this is good for the bodies elasticity and well-being? I myself am a educated physio, so am biased. Just for the record and by chance, I am brought up in Hindu spirituality and have a 4 year education in Shinto healing. We all still need good positive guidance much of the time throughtout our lived lives. At my age I have become a bit more grumpy sometimes :-((

I have stared doing a little light Bowspring in my flat to improve recovery right now. It is helping so much. I know what to avoid right now.

Severe more cronic injury to the body happens when we are young and think our body should be able to do anything it is instructed to do. On the contrary. A broke bone can heal quickly and leave the bone stronger. If we don’t move around, we lose it. Gratitude to Thor and his positivity.

Doreen Joyce Dodi
Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 29, 2019

Med Thors professionelle Bowspring guidning har jeg endelig fundet det der virker for mig.

Jeg har altid haft rygsmerter og aldrig kunnet holde til sport eller fysisk arbejde. Idag har jeg en stærk ryg uden smerter. Bowspring har virkelig gjort en forskel for mig.

Tak til dig Thor, for din super professionelle Bowspring undervisning, din inspiration, dit gode humør, din store evne til at guide hver enkelt deltager.

Jeg glæder mig altid til Bowspring med Thor Lentz

Marianne Helstrup
Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 11, 2019

Jeg har de sidste år deltaget i mange af Thors bowspring-klasser i Yo Studios, og jeg er så glad for det! Thor er af væsen utrolig empatisk, han ser og favner den enkelte person i rummet. Det stråler tydeligt igennem, at Thor er en passioneret bowspringer, og hans begejstring gør noget særligt for stemningen og oplevelsen. Jeg har gået til bowspring under min graviditet, helt frem til fødslen. Det er en bevægelsesform, som passer utroligt godt sammen med at være gravid, fordi øvelserne kan doseres og arbejder med at skabe plads på alle sider af kroppen samtidigt. Min krop er efter en bowspringtime behageligt vækket, og åndedrættet har fået mere plads. Tak for dejlige timer Thor!

Carina Lindholt
Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 25, 2019

Thors bowspring, inversion og vinyasa klasser er det fedeste!

Jeg trængte til at dyrke en styrkende motionsform henover vinteren,hvor jeg ifbm. Mit studie kunne mærke stivheden komme snigende. Jeg begyndte efter en anbefaling at gå til yoga ved YOstudios og prøvede nogle forskellige klasser, men endte med at blive hængende og kun at gå efter Thors timer. Han underviser på yderst højt niveau, er venlig, behagelig og skaber meget trygge rammer at lære i. Jeg har udviklet mig meget ved at gå til Thors klasser og lært min krops styrker meget bedre at kende . Det bedste ved klasserne synes jeg er at han retter en, hvis man laver noget forkert og vejleder en til at gøre det bedste for ens krop. -Tak til Thor 🙂

Rated 5.0 out of 5
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